So much more than you ever imagined

Welcome to AlgarvePLUS, the monthly magazine that promises to deliver dynamic quality content… and that means innovative, original and enticing reads, produced by publishing professionals for a discerning audience.

You will not find where to have your shoes re-soled or your tiles re-grouted here – there are plenty of other publications that serve as good directories. Our passion is directed at feature material that will broaden your knowledge, delight your senses, and have you coming back for more.

The team

We have highly-respected professional writers, many of whom contribute to international newspapers, from The Telegraph to the New York Times, and a wealth of magazines. They follow our briefs, research in-depth, and deliver the best; their work is integral to our mix of comment, opinion, advice and entertainment.

And when it comes to design, our Art Director has a portfolio of award-winning titles that includes specialist client magazines for key brands such as British Airways, NatWest, Orient Express, Princess Yachts, and Vodafone

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What do the readers say?

Well done Susi and the team, you’ve produced one of the best ever magazines I’ve read in 20 Algarve years. I’m going to buy cakes in Olhão this week, send gifts through Algarve Express, go for a meal at Jonnie Pratt’s place, going to make the fab Brussels sprouts recipe, going to buy two books including James Haskell’s
(even though he’s English and l’m Welsh). Might go to Porto, going to try and find the December front cover seashells for a special friend, get Jim to give me a haircut, get a 5g phone. Phew that’s enough for now, time for a siesta. Keep up the excellent work.
Haydn Jones, Quinta do Lago

Was picking your magazine up every month and thoroughly enjoying it and since being back in the UK, I am getting my regular fix online at your website. In a world where second rate has sadly become acceptable, it is a pleasure to see real quality, and from names that I recognise and respect.
Celia Fielding, Tavira