If your nearest and dearest are more into the latest gadgetry than the traditional perfumes and socks gifts, consider these…


Google Pixel 7 Pro
For those who regard their smartphone as a camera that can post images and videos to social media without delay, then the Pixel 7 Pro is the way to go. Its triple lens forward-facing camera features a 50MP main lens, a 48MP 5x zoom and a 12MP ultra-wide macro for those dramatic close-ups.
As you might expect from software giant Google, advanced AI makes the most of the images, with particularly impressive night mode and photo unblur options. What is really nice is that the Pixel 7 Pro consistently produces the photos you expect, rather than over-processed, unrealistic images.
The 6.7in OLED display is pin-sharp and features a 120Hz refresh rate which makes video s and games super smooth.
Other great features of the Pixel 7 Pro is the Android 13 operating system, presented without absurd bloatware. The powerful processor makes voice and handwriting recognition extremely accurate and fast, and it speeds up things like translation too.
Google Pixel 7 Pro, €869,

Nokia G60 5G
Sustainability is the new big thing for Nokia. Its latest smartphones have casings made of recycled and recyclable metals and plastics, the packaging is all cardboard. The G60 5G uses 60 per cent recycled plastic – the back is a rather attractive mottled finish because of this – and the aluminium frame is recycled too. Additional benefits include free replacement if your phone is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.
Best of all, however, is that the G60 5G is a great phone with 5G support, a big 6.58in screen, an excellent front-facing triple-lens camera with AI features, a decent selfie camera and a fingerprint scanner. And a 3.5mm audio socket.
Nokia G60 5G, €353, FNAC

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
I’ll come clean here, my personal plea to Santa this year is Samsung’s biggest, brightest and most powerful tablet yet. I am in love with my S7 Pro with its 12in screen but the S8 Ultra has a truly massive 15in screen that can rival a laptop. Watching video is a joy, it displays ebooks several pages at a time (or lets you enlarge the type size without forcing you to read one word at a time) and photo editing becomes so much easier.
The inclusion of Samsung’s marvellous S-pen is a big bonus, enabling digital art to professional standards. I have recently become addicted to writing on screen rather than using the onscreen keyboard, which not only forces one to write legibly (believe me, a very good thing) but the handwriting recognition system has had so much practice it gets it right almost all the time.

The S8 Ultra has enough power and speed to give a fluid gaming experience. The front-facing camera is superb for video calls and the rear-facing cameras are excellent though why anyone would want to use a tablet this size for snapping TikTok vids is a mystery.
The main drawback is the cost but it is worth it.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra €1,199, Worten

Nokia T10
Smaller tablets are becoming popular these days because they offer a significantly better viewing experience than a smartphone but are small enough to slip into a bag or pocket.

The Nokia N10 has a bright 8in screen set in a stylish polycarbonate casing. The battery is big enough for all day use as long as you don’t watch back to back videos. One increasingly rare feature is a 3.5mm jack socket so you can listen on wired earphones – a bonus on long flights which can drain the batteries on Bluetooth bins.

The T10 runs Android 12 with Google Kids Space built-in, which gives children access to an enormous range of entertaining and even educational content, including apps, games, books and videos, all guaranteed age-appropriate. Parents can also set boundaries easily.
Travellers may consider the 4G version with GPS for more accurate navigation.
Nokia T10 €189.99,

Sony WH-1000XM5
Hifi buffs are raving about the new Sony headphones, citing incredible sound quality, comfort and ease of use. The sound is clear and punchy with a great bass. The noise cancellation is superb. Battery life is excellent.
Sony WH-1000XM5 €299, Worten

Anker Space Q45
Anker has built up a solid reputation for quality audio at reasonable prices, and the Space Q45 bins are no exception. Noise cancelling is good, and sound quality decent. An unexpected strength is the dual microphones which reject a lot of unpredictable background noise making them a great choice for work, especially if conference calls take up a lot of your time.
Soundcore Space Q45 €119.99,

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