When you want to reach a well-honed target audience – an audience that will be interested in your product or service – AlgarvePLUS offers choice.

From full page ad sites and double page spreads to half, third and quarter pages, guaranteed positions, and advertorials which can be created for you
in our editorial style. You can reach out to a wide audience through the pages of AlgarvePLUS. Talk to us about what you need and what you’d like, and
we’ll come back with the right proposition.

Worth knowing, too, is that In our digital versions, your ad will have a direct link to your website – one click is all it takes to bring potential customers that bit closer. AlgarvePLUS is also active on Facebook and Instagram, attracting more than 2,000 followers in our first year, and posting feature-worthy images and comments throughout each monthly cycle.

Space and position rates

Full page €440
Half page €275
Half page, RH vertical €300
Quarter page €165
One third page €195
One third page, RH vertical €215
Inside front cover €660
Inside back cover €660
Outside back cover €740
Double page spread €825
All space costs subject to IVA at current rate

Size specifications

Full page 297 x 210
Half page, vertical 297 x 105
Half page, horizontal 148.5 x 210
Quarter page, vertical 148.5 x 105
One third page, horizontal 99 x 210
Double page spread 297 x 420
All sizes = height x width

Print specification

High resolution PDF | 300dpi | 4-colour CMYK | 3mm bleed on all sides


Confirmation by 5th of month prior to cover date; delivery of print-ready PDF by 10th.
Email for artwork delivery:

Advertising contact

Martin Goodkind
+351 963 146 398